What Is Collective Agreement Provision In Sap Hr

What is a collective agreement? Can some explain this with an example? Define the grouping of personnel calculation rules and the indicator of the provisions of the collective agreement for each subgroup of employees. The grouping of employee subgroups for the personnel calculation rule is required in payroll accounting. The grouping of collective agreements is required for the indirect assessment of wage types in the Basic Salary infotype (0008). A standard agreement refers to the same rate groups and levels for hourly employees and employees, but the user must still be able to enter hourly or monthly values in the rate table. If you selected “Output Log” at the beginning of your setup process, you can find out what went wrong at the bottom. The consolidation for the collective agreement is not subject to any restrictions. In this step, you can define groupings for personnel calculation rules and collective agreement provisions for all your employee groups and subgroups. A sub-group of employees for the provisions of the collective agreement consists of sub-groups that are subject to the same applicable provisions of the collective agreement. A provision is a specific labour law regulation in the collective agreement.

The PCR makes it possible to treat a type of salary in different ways (one group of employees says that employees will have a calculation, while another group will have, for example, hourly employees), on the other hand, the type and scope of the collective agreement (tariff type and salary scale for short) is important for the indirect evaluation of wage types in infotype 0008. So you create a separate group for different employees whose requirements vary depending on the agreement, and then you assign employees to those groupings! You can read the OSS note 406977. This is a summary note of problems with RPCEDTx0 with examples of problems and solutions. What is the advantage of this area where it is useful? Sub-grouping of employees for the provisions of the collective agreement: The provisions of the collective agreement apply to workers` unions. Workers` unions will set a number of requirements for different groups of workers, and we will have to separate an employee on the basis of the provisions required by their respective association with a union. Grouping of employee subgroups for the personnel calculation rule. A division of subgroups of employees for whom the same personnel calculation rules are defined for payroll accounting and valuations in payroll accounting. Use 1 = hourly employee 2 = regular payments (e.g. monthly employees) 3 = employees 4 = payments (public service Germany) The meanings of these groupings are fixed and cannot be changed. .

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