University Cooperation Agreement Template

Before creating an agreement, read the contractual policy and policy and contact us with any questions. The templates below may require changes or revisions based on the type of activity you want to offer. The oVPIA Partnership Team will work with you on any necessary changes. A Memorandum of Understanding is a document that sets out the parties` broad understanding of the essential elements that will be agreed upon at a later date. A confidentiality agreement ensures that neither party may disclose sensitive information about the proposed cooperation without the agreement of the other party. An exclusivity agreement prevents the parties from entering into negotiations with another institution with a view to cooperation such as that under discussion. The three agreements do not have to be concluded at every cooperation. In many cases, the three agreements can be incorporated into a document, although the institutions, when choosing this option, are aware of which parts of the agreement have the force of law and which do not. Each institution shall be responsible for the expenditure incurred by its staff under the Agreement. This model can be used to facilitate brief visits by students from an international university to take courses or do research at the UI.

Students must be admitted to the UI as non-students and receive adequate financial support for the duration of their stay. The student exchange model contains detailed conditions regarding the specific responsibilities of incoming and outgoing exchange participants. In exceptional cases, where a potential partner so requires, an UI entity may apply for approval of a general agreement, memorandum of understanding or similar document that does not specify the activities actually carried out. The partner is deemed to provide the document; Therefore, IU does not offer a model. These documents must have a duration, usually one or two years, reflecting a realistic timetable for a subsequent agreement forming the conditions for a given activity (or activity). This subsequent agreement will replace the general agreement. The cooperating foreign partner or company may request the use of its proposal, in particular if it has limited flexibility under internal rules or guidelines. If this is the case, make sure that you compare this model to the appropriate UI model to ensure that all necessary and other terms are presented. The maximum duration of this Agreement shall be five years and may be extended if it is demonstrated that balanced activity has been demonstrated during that period. It is not a joint degree awarded and signed by both universities.

Each university must evaluate a student`s academic performance to determine whether the student meets their graduation requirements. The decision to award a degree ultimately rests with each university.. . .