Tucows Domain Name Registration Agreement

2.7. You acknowledge and accept that if you (i) provide inaccurate information; (ii) cannot immediately update contact details; or (iii) not responding within a specified time to requests from SiteGround or Registrar regarding the accuracy of your domain name details is a violation of the conditions and may result in the suspension and/or deletion of your domain name registration. 19. OBLIGATION TO MAINTAIN WHOIS. Deliberate provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, Deliberate failure to immediately update the information made available to us or failure to respond to requests from us to the registrant`s email address, the administrative, invoiced or technical contact that appears in the WHOIS directory regarding the accuracy of contact data related to registration constitute a substantial violation of this agreement and provide a basis for the erasure of the name administration. All information we collect about an identified or identifiable individual (“Personal Data”) is used in the registration of your or domain names and for the purposes of this Agreement and in accordance with ICANN`s requirements or approval or applicable registration policy. term. This agreement remains in effect for the duration of the domain name registration as selected, registered and paid for at the time of registration or renewal. If the domain name is transferred to another registrar, the terms of this contract are extinguished. ii.

Domain name conflicts. You agree that if the registration or reservation of your domain name is disputed by a third party, you are subject to the provisions established by the registry or by a court. You agree to keep us unscathed and unscathed in the event of a domain name dispute with third parties, in accordance with the conditions set by the registry or by a court. This registration agreement (“Agreement”) is between Tucows Domains Inc. (“Tucows”) and you, on behalf of your person or the entity you represent (“Registrant”), as written on any reference to “Registry” or “Registry Operator” refers to the registrar of the first-level domain (“TLD”). This agreement explains Tucows` obligations to the registrant and the registrant`s obligations to Tucows for domain registration services. In approving the terms of this agreement, the registrant agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations established in this agreement and by a register for those specific TLDs. ii. “.us Nexus requirement.” Only persons or entities with a material law in the United States can register for .usTLD domain names. .USTLD filers must meet the Nexus (Nexus) or “Nexus” requirement, which is www.about.us/policies/ustld-nexus-requirements. 8.

DOMAIN NAME CONFLICTS. You agree that if the registration or reservation of your domain name is disputed by a third party, you will be subject to the provisions of the disputed policy of the register concerned. You agree that in the event of a domain name dispute with third parties, you will keep us unscathed and unscathed under the terms of the current guidelines. If Tucows is informed, Whether a complaint has been filed with a judicial or administrative authority regarding your domain name, Tucows may, at its sole discretion, suspend your ability to use your domain name or change your registration file until (i) Tucows is invited by the judicial or administrative authority or (ii) Tucows will be informed by you and the other party challenging your domain that the dispute has been settled.