Traffic Mitigation Agreement

D. The fairy of the traffic company. The current traffic reduction rate is calculated as follows and published in the “Standards and Specifications” section of the City of Everett for traffic impact analysis. The initial traffic mitigation charge for the implementation of the regulations codified in this chapter is two thousand four hundred dollars per trip in PM during peak hours. This rate is adjusted annually to account for inflation based on the Washington Department of State Transportation`s (WSDOT) Official Construction Cost Index (CCI), with the year of implementation of the regulations codified in this chapter being used as the base year. D. For projects located within the core area (see paragraph 18.40.180), the fee is calculated using seventy-five per cent of the planned travel generation using the ITE Trip Generation manual or, like others, approved by the urban transport engineer on the basis of reasonable travel generation assumptions and TDM (Transportation Demand Management) plans), as described in an approved traffic study. `improvement of the transport system` means public bodies which are included in the investment plan or which are identified by the traffic analysis and which, unlike the improvement of local transport, are intended to cover services within the municipality as a whole; One. In determining the mitigation costs attributable to the proposed project, the Urban Transportation Engineer shall take into account transportation improvements, including land dedication, which take into account: (1) some or all of the impacts of a proposed project and equitable consideration; and/or (2) as a precondition for prior land use approval for the proposed project. The urban transport engineer also takes into account contributions made by the land owner or his predecessors in connection with a transport financing facility such as a local improvement district (LID), a transport services district (TBD), a development agreement or a similar mechanism, and indicates them in a fair manner.

Any entitlement to the credit submitted later than the date of the application for a building permit is deemed to be cancelled. The applicant may enter into contractual and financing agreements, including latecomer agreements, development agreements or others, in any form satisfactory to the city and legally binding and applicable to the applicant. Any agreement must bind the applicant`s beneficiaries in interest, at least until the improvements are paid for or in service. All agreements must be in a form approved by the city`s lawyer. (3387-14 ยง 13, 2014) The definitions and use for the purposes of this Chapter are given in point 18.40.180. Table 1 indicates when traffic analysis or royalty payment is required. 18.40.120 Credit for the improvement and non-duplication of the reduction. One.

Two components of Fair Share. This section defines the reduction of the risks of improvement of the transport system, unless the urban transport engineer has agreed otherwise. . . .