Seiu Field Staff Collective Agreement

Work management. In order to resolve problems in the workplace, together and at the lowest level, staff are urged to raise concerns about the staffing and other working conditions of their service(s). SEIU Local 925 may request that the Industrial Relations Office set up a joint work management meeting for each department. The trade union may also include on the agenda of each meeting of the employment services matters relating to staffing and/or other working conditions in certain departments/units. 42.5. Temporary agency work within the Union. With a period of thirty (30) calendar days, unless otherwise agreed, workers may be placed on leave without pay if the worker is elected or appointed to serve as an officer or employee of a fixed term that may not exceed six (6) months, provided that the worker`s leave does not affect the needs of the employer set by management. Upon request, the Department may accept an extension of the paid leave for an additional six (6) months. The returning worker is employed in a position in the same occupational classification, in the same redundancy unit and in the same geographical area as that fixed by the employer. 1.2.

The employer recognizes the exclusivity of the union as a negotiator for bargaining unit workers. The employer undertakes not to enter into, individually or collectively, an agreement or contract with the employees of the tariff unit that are contrary to the terms of this agreement, unless the Oder, the workers, the union and the employer expressly accept such an agreement. 48.2. Problems of personnel of departments. Reflections on workload, area of work and staffing will be appropriate themes for joint meetings between the Union and management. The CEGP application allows you to add up to three letters of recommendation and record years of experience in the position or field, as well as years of service at the university in the qualification declaration section. The union will have access to this information upon request. 7.1. Representation. Upon request, an employee has the right to represent himself or herself at an investigative interview requested by management and during which the employee reasonably believes that this could lead to corrective action. Upon request, a staff member is entitled to an interpreter during an investigative interview.

The employer will provide a reasonable period of time for a worker to guarantee a representative. The exercise of this right will not unduly delay or postpone a session. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, representation does not apply to interviews with a staff member on normal duty, such as instructions. B, assignment of work, informal conversations, provision of paperwork, staff or work unit meetings or any other routine communication with an employee. House Bill 2669 2017-18 amends RCW 41.06.070 to remove the exemption for part-time employees from the State Rules of the Public Service. . . .